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Advanced imaging and cardiology certificate holders when your pet has a heart problem


RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Cardiology

Rosie McGregor, our Cardiologist, has a certificate of advanced veterinary practice in small animal cardiology and has been accredited as an Advanced Practitioner. This demonstrates in depth knowledge and experience alongside years of extra study in the area of heart disease and treatment in pets. If your pet has a heart problem then Bay Vet Group can offer advanced diagnosis with ultrasound, digital x-ray and holter ECG (to record 24 hours of your pet’s heart beats). This allows better treatment and a longer life for your cat or dog.

How do I know my pet has a heart problem?

Heart problems can affect both young and old pets.  However, older pets are more likely to have heart disease.  If you notice your pet slowing down, not wanting to exercise, coughing, panting more than usual or breathing rapidly whilst sleeping then you should have them checked by a vet.  Sometimes there are no obvious signs and your vet may detect a problem at your pet’s routine health check.  This is one of the reasons why having an annual health check is so important.

What happens if my pet has a heart problem?

Your vet may suggest further tests to find out what is wrong with the heart.  This will help to decide which treatments will be best to help your pet get better.  Most practices will have to refer you for these tests at increased cost.  Bay Vet Group has advanced ultrasound and expert vets so our clients do not need to go anywhere.  This is another benefit of being a registered client.

Why advanced imaging is important

Ultrasound is normally the best way of seeing what is wrong with the heart.  Our Teignmouth surgery has a modern, state of the art ultrasound machine that our Cardiologist Rosie McGregor will use to diagnose your pet’s heart problem.  Rosie studied cardiology for several years to obtain her certificate which demonstrates advanced knowledge and skills.  Rosie also works for HeartVets who are a group of veterinary cardiologists led by Specialist Dr Mark Patteson.